January 18, 2011

1-18 mamas helper

Every evening my 2 yr old hollers to help...this really involves sitting on the counter or deep freezer watching (i fried tonight counter was safer). He is completely happy just watching me cook. He does often help its just often there are not child appropriate jobs...but both boys holler to help set the table :)

January 17, 2011

1/17 monkey man..

I swear he was fully dressed when we put him to bed last night,he just did this himself! His shirt is totally twisted looks like a belly top lol.

January 16, 2011

1/16 lazy sunday

I caught him with brothers hat and thought it was adorable! Been a lazy sunday,had a family bday party to attend at 11 and my dear husband woke me (not complaining here) at 10! eeek lol So we rushed to get a gift and to the party making it in time suprising enough and then get home and relize my husband put my 2 yr olds pants on backwards AGAIN lol.

1/15 who let the cat out of the bag?

the husband swears he caught her just like this lol.The print on the bag doesnt say anything about animals soooooo :P


Best pic of my baby in a while :D I was just loving this outfit on him-hes adorable :D

January 13, 2011

1/13 my preschooler again.....

I just discovered my son made the news letter for Dec 30th....I'm slacking a bit.I had glanced at it to see the "what he enjoyed" section but didn't look too closely :-S He's spelling :) He will be 5 in March!

January 12, 2011

1/12 my handsome preschooler

Well today was Caleb's first full day back of the week. Monday he gave Dan a HARD time so i got up and got him ready (YES I admit usually I do not -I just lay things out the night before) but by 11 the teacher called and said he was sick so it was a 1/2 day. This morning he again gave Dan a fight (not as bad) so I got up ,I was half way awake anyway and got him ready.He had a SUPER hard time at drop off though he claims he didn't get enough sleep (8pm-6:30am) but hoping I put an end to that with the reward chart anyhow he came home and was all smiles obviously isn't a bad place :)

January 10, 2011

1-10-11...well maybe 1-11-11 :-S

Alright so I admit it I'm late! lol I took a few pics through out our boring day (4 yr old spiked a high fever at school and was sent home so its been pretty boring). But nothing really grabbed my interest! Well its snowing and we are suppose to get 2-4 inches starting around midnight..I decided 12:30am we had a good amount and Id snap a few pics I was really surprised because there is far more than I expected! The snow is so light and powdery I just hadnt seen it coming down and it accumulated quickly! Be fun to see what it looks like tomorrow in comparison! I love the snow...okay that's a lie ha ha but I enjoy taking pics of it at least :D

January 9, 2011

1/9/11 another lazy sunday

Sundays are notoriously lazy around my house! Nothing too interesting,laid around played games went to walmart....we are expecting 6 in of snow tomorrow so we shall have more lazy family days soon! Boys playing with thier tags before bed...we LOVE these tags!

January 8, 2011

Super Saturday :D 1/8/11

Oh the wonderful things we do to..I mean for our children ;) Went to Bounce U today....its a place that is primarily for parties but is open to the public a few days a week for and hr and a half at a time. So I took Caleb to try and convince him to have his FIFTH (i cant believe hes turning 5) birthday there in March...I'm not sure if Ive won yet hes really debating Bounce U or Mcdonalds Id rather something totally fun though! Fifth to me is a BIG deal! And honestly I cant even explain why 5 is so important to me I just feel like they grow up so much at 5! So much closer to big kid school :( Anyway overall we had an AWESOME day! minus the fact the dryer went out and I spent 2 hours at the laundro mat but trying to stay positive LOL. I failed to get a good pic of Caleb's face there because they were SO much on the go it was hard to keep up!

January 7, 2011

Its snowing! 1/7/11

Oh how our weather is sooo unpredictable! Just a few weeks ago it was 65 a week later it snowed,warmed back up slightly to around 40 and now its snowing again. Oh you have got to love Missouri.

January 6, 2011

busy baker...

Started the day at 8:30 am due to the annoying friend from yesterday calling yet again..turning the ringer off tonight.But because of that and the fact I heard her tell her children (at 8:30am) "no I'm not feeding you breakfast you wouldn't eat it" and the child beg to go to preschool so he can eat breakfast....I decided my children deserved some home made breakfast! I decided Id try home made cinnamon rolls....unfortunately it ended in disappointment. I found a new recipe though on 3 moms and a kitchens blog and Ill be trying those soon. Boys ate them at least.

Dinner I made home made broccoli cheddar soup (grandmas recipe) totally YUM!

And the best (which IMO indulging in now) would be my cake :D home made-flour and all ..I'm super proud when I use flour or roll things out lol.
Not a good start to my diet obviously but its been a BAD day with 2 kids,just TOO much to do!

January 5, 2011

Unaccomplished! 1/5/11

Oh phone how I hate you!! Well really its a love hate relationship because Im addicted to you and just cant get enough! Why is it people think stay at home moms have nothing to do so they feel they can call and carry hour long conversations?I swear everytime I put my phone down it run again today! Making my day very unaccomplished! 108 minutes on this puppy today.See its on the charger? It needed it...

Besides that I did spend a lot of time playing with Carson which I guess only added to getting nothing accomplished lol. He slipped out with me while Caleb stayed home and played kinect with daddy. Carson use to be so shy by now he gets his feelings hurt when some one doesnt say hi to him at walmart,he tells everyone hi! I just love him to pieces :)

I found pjs for $3 and Im always buying brother school clothes so I decided Id get for him tonight :)

PS this blog has really gotten me taking more pics!

January 4, 2011

1/4/11-definitely January...

Is it spring yet? We are most defiantly cooped up inside this time of the year!! My oldest Caleb is home Tuesdays and Thursdays so I spend a lot of time keeping him occupied while my 2 yr old is much easier to keep occupied. I bought a preschool work book and am working on one page with him per day it gives him busy work but also gives me reassurance that he will be to speed when he starts Kindergarten in August. Besides that we have puzzles and tag to keep him occupied (he does watch TV if he sleeps in his own bed and not in brothers). Today he mastered a 100 piece puzzle! I was totally impressed :)
ps he doesnt often wear shirts at home :D

January 3, 2011


Woke up this morning with the sun gazing into the window ,bed nice and toasty my first thought is wow it must be nice out!! Decide to check the weather-34 degrees....not what I expected when I said warm lol. Pretty uneventful day,minus the fact dinner failed. I decided Id go get pizza for dinner instead. On the way I thought WOW I left the house looking like a true mom!! Ive got my house socks on and CAPRIS where I had been working out. I text my friend complaining how stupid I had to look. Went in and got the pizza took about 90 seconds....and my car would not start! We have one car of course because being a stay at home mom makes things financially hard. So I stopped some biker looking dude with a Jesus patch and asked for a jump,he didn't have cables so went to get a friend he came out with 3 other guys! These poor guys attempted to jump my car 6 times and it didn't work :( I knew my battery was out but it was in the back of my mind. So I called my cousin who was 40 mins away to get a ride to get a battery...after long search and $130 later we are running again it SUCKS but at least we are running. So the word of the day is COLD because its freaking COLD out lol. Note to self dress better even when just "running out".

January 2, 2011


Pretty boring Sunday as always. Got some cleaning done around the house ran to walmart figured bills yippee! lol. My friend Christy had posted a link to where she started her 365 so I figured it was a perfect time for me to join. This is my first blog so take it easy on me!! Considering my kids were asleep when she posted the link I had not taken a picture yet for the day so I snapped a picture of my fur baby. Enjoy!


Well we brought the new year in safely and uneventfully! Played some games with the in laws and barley stayed up till midnight but I wouldn't have it any other way! My photo blog begins here on 1-1-11. I have set many resolutions this year and 365 just adds to it :)

Resolution #1 The weight but not only do I plan to loose weight (using my kinect of course) but I plan to eat better and increase my water.I will also be using Alli...again.

Resolution #2 No more texting and driving..or dialing even. So those of you who have my number please note there will often be a delay. This video can not explain my reasoning any better. I lost my mom very unexpectedly and I had no one to blame...however Id hate for my family to ever feel at blame because they were the one to text me.

Resolution #3 365 photo ...but most importantly just remember to take a picture,not as much as remembering to post them! Taking the pictures are far more important!

So with out further ado my picture of the day:
This would be my wonderful two year old Carson. Hes eating a home made egg roll YUM! We played outside a while although it was bitter cold but we had to try out the new bounce back racer! They were not intrested in playing long but it was worth bundling them up :) Earlier in the day Carson and the cat had it out and he now has a beautiful scratch in the corner of his eye.UGH