January 6, 2011

busy baker...

Started the day at 8:30 am due to the annoying friend from yesterday calling yet again..turning the ringer off tonight.But because of that and the fact I heard her tell her children (at 8:30am) "no I'm not feeding you breakfast you wouldn't eat it" and the child beg to go to preschool so he can eat breakfast....I decided my children deserved some home made breakfast! I decided Id try home made cinnamon rolls....unfortunately it ended in disappointment. I found a new recipe though on 3 moms and a kitchens blog and Ill be trying those soon. Boys ate them at least.

Dinner I made home made broccoli cheddar soup (grandmas recipe) totally YUM!

And the best (which IMO indulging in now) would be my cake :D home made-flour and all ..I'm super proud when I use flour or roll things out lol.
Not a good start to my diet obviously but its been a BAD day with 2 kids,just TOO much to do!

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