Well if your reading this you likely already know me but just in case....

I am a 24 year old stay at home mother of two boys aged 4&2....wife of five years. I love being a mother its the best thing that's happened to me! I lost my mom at 18 and so we do this parenting thing on our own 95% of the time. I am fortunate for the family I do have that occasionally watch my boys but its rare-and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Caleb will turn 5 March 26 2011.Hes all boy! He loves spider man,sponge bob and dinosaurs.He goes to preschool three days a week and loves it.Hes a sponge he absorbs knowledge so easily! He also enjoys photography and dance,hes a unique child and I love him for that.

Carson turned two Aug 4th 2010. Carson is potty trained though its been a long road.He showed signs being ready to potty train super early but accidents have persisted much longer than they did with his brother,making for a tiring battle. He is still not nap and night trained but Im okay with that-for now. Carson LOVES trains! He is an active monkey who began walking at 10 months and has just kept going!

I love them they are a perfect combination!

Me and my husband Daniel have been married since Sep 14th 2005 -yeah I was preg with Caleb Ill save you the math. So many people run out and get married when learning they are expecting but I cant say many last five years. Im very fortunate for Dan. Hes an awesome husband and father! He helps around the house and with the boys daily well as supporter! We live a boring married life...but wouldn't change it :)

Me! Well there is a lot about me that is unknown to the world but Ill just limit it to the known haha. I enjoy photography,editing,cooking,baking ,and cake decorating! Im also trying to get into sewing-we shall see how that goes!

So thats that! Thanks for reading :)