January 2, 2011


Well we brought the new year in safely and uneventfully! Played some games with the in laws and barley stayed up till midnight but I wouldn't have it any other way! My photo blog begins here on 1-1-11. I have set many resolutions this year and 365 just adds to it :)

Resolution #1 The weight but not only do I plan to loose weight (using my kinect of course) but I plan to eat better and increase my water.I will also be using Alli...again.

Resolution #2 No more texting and driving..or dialing even. So those of you who have my number please note there will often be a delay. This video can not explain my reasoning any better. I lost my mom very unexpectedly and I had no one to blame...however Id hate for my family to ever feel at blame because they were the one to text me.

Resolution #3 365 photo ...but most importantly just remember to take a picture,not as much as remembering to post them! Taking the pictures are far more important!

So with out further ado my picture of the day:
This would be my wonderful two year old Carson. Hes eating a home made egg roll YUM! We played outside a while although it was bitter cold but we had to try out the new bounce back racer! They were not intrested in playing long but it was worth bundling them up :) Earlier in the day Carson and the cat had it out and he now has a beautiful scratch in the corner of his eye.UGH

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