January 8, 2011

Super Saturday :D 1/8/11

Oh the wonderful things we do to..I mean for our children ;) Went to Bounce U today....its a place that is primarily for parties but is open to the public a few days a week for and hr and a half at a time. So I took Caleb to try and convince him to have his FIFTH (i cant believe hes turning 5) birthday there in March...I'm not sure if Ive won yet hes really debating Bounce U or Mcdonalds Id rather something totally fun though! Fifth to me is a BIG deal! And honestly I cant even explain why 5 is so important to me I just feel like they grow up so much at 5! So much closer to big kid school :( Anyway overall we had an AWESOME day! minus the fact the dryer went out and I spent 2 hours at the laundro mat but trying to stay positive LOL. I failed to get a good pic of Caleb's face there because they were SO much on the go it was hard to keep up!

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