January 3, 2011


Woke up this morning with the sun gazing into the window ,bed nice and toasty my first thought is wow it must be nice out!! Decide to check the weather-34 degrees....not what I expected when I said warm lol. Pretty uneventful day,minus the fact dinner failed. I decided Id go get pizza for dinner instead. On the way I thought WOW I left the house looking like a true mom!! Ive got my house socks on and CAPRIS where I had been working out. I text my friend complaining how stupid I had to look. Went in and got the pizza took about 90 seconds....and my car would not start! We have one car of course because being a stay at home mom makes things financially hard. So I stopped some biker looking dude with a Jesus patch and asked for a jump,he didn't have cables so went to get a friend he came out with 3 other guys! These poor guys attempted to jump my car 6 times and it didn't work :( I knew my battery was out but it was in the back of my mind. So I called my cousin who was 40 mins away to get a ride to get a battery...after long search and $130 later we are running again it SUCKS but at least we are running. So the word of the day is COLD because its freaking COLD out lol. Note to self dress better even when just "running out".

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